Making your website look great

In order to make your website look great with visual images, you need to use high quality images and at the right sizes. View the examples and image chart from IU Communications.

Also remember to always set your images to 72 dpi and save for an optimized file size. Around 100kb is an estimated size.

View our tutorial about uploading images

Faculty, staff, + student profile images

768x768 or 1:1 aspect ratio

Profile images are kept to 768 pixels by 768 pixels for profiles to be high quality on multiple devices.

James T. Doe

James T. Doe

Administrative Assistant, Religious Studies

James is responsible for the oversight of the office as well as general upkeep of all staff technology. In addition, James is the recorder of all official annual meetings.

Feature box images

768x384 or 2:1 aspect ratio

Since you can add an image to each feature box, we suggest that you use the same image size for each feature you create. A good size to use is 768 pixels by 384 pixels.

Banner images

3072x1024 or 3:1 aspect ratio

Banners are images that show up at the top of the page under the header. Banners are big and bold, and relevant to your written content. Banners should be 3072 pixels by 1024 pixels.

Photo essays

768x768, 768x384, 1536x768

Photo essays are used to showcase your written content. Photo essays are usually used at the bottom of your written content.

  • Aspect ratio for these images are as follows: 1:1 and 2:1.