Faculty & Staff Lists

Faculty profiles + lists

Faculty lists should include the faculty member’s photo; name; title(s); email address; and phone number. Faculty lists may include “Research Interests.” Research interests should be listed in lowercase, unless a title or proper noun, and separated by semi-colons with no punctuation at the end. Titles are capitalized in faculty and staff lists.

Faculty profiles are customizable and can include images, publications, a CV, links to personal or lab websites, video, and more.

Example faculty listings
John Doe

John Doe

Professor, Gender Studies

Research Interests
gender inequality; work; labor markets; mobility; social inequality; organizations; employment discrimination; quantitative methods

Staff lists

Staff lists should include the staff member’s photo; name; title; email address; and phone number. Staff lists may also include a short description or bio for the staff member.

Example staff listings
James T. Doe

James T. Doe

Administrative Assistant, Religious Studies

James is responsible for the oversight of the office as well as general upkeep of all staff technology. In addition, James is the recorder of all official annual meetings.