We are bound by the IU Brand color guidelines. In addition to these, we ask that you follow a few College specific guidelines for use of color on web pages.

  • The first section of a page always needs to be white with text. The content here should be an introduction to the page or section.
  • White and light gray are standard colors to be used throughout the site.
  • You may choose one additional primary color and one complementary color. This is the maximum number of colors that should be used throughout the site. This helps to avoid overwhelming the user.
  • Use crimson to highlight critical information.
  • Images and image overlays can help to bring additional color and vibrancy to your website.

Light gray

This is light gray. It’s a great background color to add variation to basic content. Gray cannot be used in the first section of a page.

Primary colors

Using a color other than gray or white should be used in sections without too much content. You should only use one primary color throughout the site. And, never in the first section on the page.