Content Management

Managing your content

We will develop content and build your new website, but once it’s launched, your team needs to understand how to manage content on the site for regular basic web updates. The steps on this page will help you get started.

Site architecture + navigation: In order to ensure a culture of consistency for web users across the College web space, our team is responsible for the site’s architecture. You will need to contact us to add or remove new navigation. To request help, please send a web update request.

Content strategy: Consider which tool in the WCMS might be best to display your content. Think about the length of the content and your audience when determining the best placement on your site. Be sure to consider voice and tone so the new content is consistent with the rest of the website.

Research + Reporting: Verify the accuracy of the new content and identify missing information. Be sure to watch for redundancies in the content, discuss the content with subject matter experts, and do additional research as necessary.

Content development, review + revisions: Write/edit content and identify any content-driven media needs, such as photography. Show the content to the subject matter expert(s) for review and incorporate edits.

Site production: You will enter content, documents, photos, video, and audio into the WCMS. Be sure to complete the College’s training and use our training documents if you need help. UITS also offers training materials.

Site review: Before you publish your content changes, review how they look on your test site environment. If the display looks strange to you, try using a different tool in the WCMS to display the information. Or, edit the text to be a little shorter or longer. Be sure to also copyedit and look for any spacing issues.

Publish + Quality assurance: Publish your changes to the site. Then, check the live version to make sure everything looks as you had hoped. Verify metadata, check links, and proofread. Make any final changes.

Training + Help: We offer basic training on making text and image updates to your website after completion of our web development process. And, we are here to help and consult even after we launch your site—especially if you have a lot of content to change. To request help, please send a web update request.