Uploading a Document

Step 1

Click on the Add Content button near the top left of the screen, and then click Upload Document.

A screenshot on where to find how to upload a document.

Step 2

Add a File Name for your document or leave the field blank.

If you leave the field blank, the name of the document you upload will be added as the File Name.

  • Remember to always use lowercase letters, hyphens instead of spaces, and no special characters. Like pages and images, the WCMS uses your document's File Name in the URL.

Step 3

Choose a Placement Folder, or the folder into which the WCMS will save your document.

All documents on your site should be placed in the /documents folder (or a sub-folder within).

A screenshot of the document upload screen

Step 4

Click on Choose and find the document on your computer that you want to upload.

You can also drag and drop a document from your computer into the dashed box.

A screenshot to show the image upload page

Step 5

Click Submit to upload your document to the WCMS.