Restoring a Deleted Item

Sometimes working fast results into deleting a page, image or folder on accident. If something happens where you delete a critical piece of the website, your live website is safe until someone publishes.

View the steps in order to restore a deleted item.

Step 1

Go to the trash bin at the top left of your WCMS window.

Screenshot of where the trash bin is located in the WCMS

Step 2

Once you access the trash bin, locate the file that you've deleted.

Step 3

Select the file by selecting the check box on the left.

Screenshot of a selected item in the trash bin

Step 4

Click the restore button.

screenshot of where the restore button is located

Step 5

This will restore your item back to the WCMS folder it lived in previously. You will want to republish that item.

  • You only have access to files you've deleted. You do not have access to your colleague's deleted files.
  • Your deleted files are temporary. The WCMS will remove the files at a later date.
  • If you need assistance, you can always send an update request to our office.