Reordering Items

Your website may have a staff feed, publication feed, or a news feed that may use the folder sorting feature in the WCMS. This means when you add an item to your feed, you may want to move it up or down in the list of other like items.

Your feed may sort:

  • alphabetically
  • by creation date
  • by modify date
  • by folder order

If you need to change the order or a feed, please contact our office by sending us an update request.

Step 1

Locate your folder where you add your items. Select the folder by right clicking on the folder in your site content area and click "View."

You should see your folder content in the right window pane.

Screenshot of where to click on view to view an item

Step 2

Click on the order column to display folder order.

Screenshot of the location of how to order the list of items in the WCMS

Step 3

Left click and drag up or down your item to the desired order.

Step 4

Publish your index page for your changes to take effect.

Publish to "test" first and then "live" after you've checked your work. If you need help publishing, refer to our publishing a page tutorial.

  • Take into consideration that your feed may be visible in more than one place on your website. If this is the case you will want to publish all the pages with your feed.